AP155EDF with FSQ106 finder scope on AP1200GTO Mount

Astro-Physics Starfire180EDT with ST10XME and AP 80/900mm guidescope and ST7E guider

FSQ106 on AP900GTO with IMG6303E and AP80/900mm guidescope with ST7E guider

Pentax 6x7 Camera Lens Adaptor to CFW1 and DF2 on IMG or STx camera


Mounting system for camera with camera lens adaptor plus guidescope


RDC18 Classical Cassegrain with ST10XME and AO7 and AP1200GTO

First Light: ST10XE

C14 with Dichroic beam splitter illuminating a 1" x 1" sensor

Dichroic Beam Splitter used with AO7/FLI IMG1024S and ST10XME camera

Aquarium chiller used for cooling water used for camera cooling