Planetary Nebula Discovery Candidate: Crisp 1 in IC1396

(RA 21 49 10.7  +DEC +57 27 37)

2007/2008 update: click image to see WIYN Shots from Dr. Jacoby in High resolution


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Dr. Jacoby's images were taken under sub-arcsecond seeing conditions using the WIYN 3.5M telescope on Kitt Peak on Nov 10, 17 and 18, 2007

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Portion of Neil Fleming's 30 hour image of IC1396 showing best

known image of Crisp1 as of 1 November 2006. Image was important

in confirming the discovery was a planetary nebula rather than noise in

the 2004 and 2005 images. Because of the clarity in a 30 hour exposure

the object was easy to identify as a nebula  greatly assisting the verification

process. Because the DSS and POSS images aren't as "deep" and are not 

taken using emission line filters, this object shows rather poorly in those

reference plates making identification as a nebula inconclusive based on 

that resource. The Emission Line images are better suited for this sort of 

discovery work than are the DSS images for that reason.

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Reference images containing Crisp 1 (in chronological order)

click here for 2004 shot (Crisp)

click here for 2005 shot (Crisp)

click here for 2005 shot (Goldman/Carrico)

click here for 2006 shot (Fleming 30 hour) 

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