Color Astronomical Imaging using Polarizing Filters and Stokes Parameters

Click to read original paper written Feb 10, 2007

Click to read paper from "Amateur Astronomy" issue #55 (Fall 2007)

Slideset excerpt from a talk at the Mount Diablo Astronomy Society (22 Jan 2008)

Five different optical views of the Crab Nebula: clockwise from upper left: LRGB, Emission line, Stokes, Polarigram, Composite: Stokes + emission line (center)

All taken using Stinger 450 Classical Cassegrain and FLI CM10

Crab Stokes only


Crab Composite Stokes plus Emission Line

Polarization used with Luminance

Stokes blended with Emission line data: alternate palette

Flow chart to create composite using seven filters

Comet 17P/Holmes (stokes image)

Hubble Variable Nebula: Stokes plus RGB

M82 Stokes only

NGC7023 Iris Nebula Stokes only

M78 Stokes plus Luminance



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