Exclusive: Astrodon Filter Scans from Perkin Elmer 900 Precision Spectrometer

Dark Noise compared at -25C and -45C

Relationship between cooling and maximum exposure time

Maximum Practical Exposure: Dark shot noise = Read noise or Dark Fixed Pattern Noise = Dark Shot Noise

How many exposures are too many?

Using Multiple Subexposures to attain the same S/N as a single exposure

Dark Column formation in KAF sensors

Camera Characterization via Dark Transfer Curve Method

W4 galactic chimney paper (PhD research)

Pixel Level Sampling

Photon transfer analysis method (from WSP 2009 talk)

Photon transfer curves

Flat fielding

The mathematics of Flat-Fielding

How many flats are enough and at what signal level?

Daytime Flats

Flat Field Photon Transfer Curves and Pixel MTF for ML4022 Camera

Proline 16803 Characterization Report 

Apogee U8300 and FLI ML8300 preliminary photon transfer report

Apogee U8300 dark signal and dark shot noise versus temperature

Fundamentals of Color

Pentax 6x7 lens tests

Color imaging using Polarizing filters

Resolution enhancement

Flat Noise

Dark Spikes

Signal to noise ratio of pixel referred to filter for emission line targets and narrowband filters

Use of empirical data to determine the signal to noise ratio of an image on a pixel by pixel basis

Smearing of long wavelength images due to charge diffusion

Variance of camera gain dependency on amplifier Vdd

Continuum Subtraction Initial Experiments

Residual Bulk Image root cause explained

Residual Bulk Image Examples

RBI Paper from IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging 2009   (*NEW*)

Taming Residual Bulk Image in CCDs from NASA Tech Briefs April 2009 (NEW)

Summertime Blues: too hot to image faint targets?

Fixed Pattern Noise vs Shot Noise for same signal level

Resolution of certain flat-field anomalies involving AstroDon square emission line filters

Quantizing noise in a digital imaging system and how to design around it.

Raw stacked data for emission line processing practice

Why it makes no sense to use Halpha for luminance for tricolor emission line images

Comparison of Schuler and

Custom Scientific Halpha filters



Comparison of SGBNR noise

reduction program on a color

image of the Helix Nebula


Quantum Efficiency comparison:

KAF versus KAI sensors





Comparison of Thor's Helmet Nebula imaged with AP155/ST10XME and C14/IMG1024S imaging systems

Comparison of Cone Nebula imaged with AP155/ST10XME and C14/IMG1024S imaging systems



Comparison of Custom Scientific 3nm Ha filter to AstroDon

6nm Ha filter

Comparison of Wavelet vs non-wavelet

First Light Tests of FLI Dream Machine (2006 purchase)



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