Pentax 6x7 Camera Lens       Pentax 6x7 Camera Lens

Adaptor to CFW1 and DF2     Adaptor: Second Night Testing 

on IMG or STx camera



Mounting system for               FLI PDF focuser

camera with camera lens       used on Takahashi

adaptor plus guidescope       Epsilon 180ED




Collimation tests of 18" Cassegrain          Mark I Classical Cassegrain

                                                                             18" f/12.6 Aluminum/Carbon Fiber




Mark I Classical Cassegrain                                     Mark 1 Camera Lens widefield system

45cm f/12.6. Aluminum/Carbon Fiber 



"the ranch"


Quasar List (right click and "save as")




Mirror Locks to             Camera Rotator 

solve the C14                For C14

"Mirror Flop                   





Low Profile Adaptor:   AP 0.67x CCD Focal

AP155EDF to Optec     Reducer adaptor for

TCF-S Focuser              AO7 operation



18" Collapsible                                First Light testing

Cassegrain/ Newtonian                 of 18" Collapsible

convertible telescope project      Cassegrain Telescope


Zero Profile                    Zero Profile

FSQ106                           SBIG camera to

FLI DF2 Focuser          FLI CFWx filter wheel

FLI CFWx filter wheel

SBIG camera