Pentax 6x7 Camera Lens Adaptor to CFW1 and DF2 on IMG or STx camera


Pentax6x7 camera lens adaptor: second night testing


Mounting system for camera with camera lens adaptor plus guidescope


FLI PDF focuser used on Takahashi Epsilon 180ED


collimation tests of 18" cassegrain


Mark I Classical Cassegrain 18" f/12.6 Aluminum/Carbon fiber construction


Mark I second edition 45cm f/12.6 classical cassegrain


"the ranch"

Zero-Profile FSQ106 with DF2/CFWx/SBIG camera

ZeroProfile FLI-CFWx to SBIG camera

Mirror Locks to solve the C14 "Mirror flop" problem


Camera Rotator for C14


Low Profile Adaptor: AP155EDF to Optec TCF-S Focuser


AP 0.67x CCD Focal Reducer adaptor for AO7 operation

18" Collapsible Cassgrain/ Newtonian Convertible Telescope Project


First light testing of 18" collapsible cassegrain telescope