3C461 Cassiopeia A      3C461 Cassiopeia A

in Halpha and [OIII]        in [SII], Ha and [OIII]

from Stinger 450             from Stinger 450

and FLI CM10ME            and FLI CM10ME

with Custom Sci             with Custom Sci

Filters                                Filters


Antares region
widefield from

6x7 Pentax 300mm 



Antares region          CED 90  Nebula 

widefield in Ha,          end of Seagull

Green and Blue        Nebula in Halpha


CED 214 Nebula             CED 214 Nebula 

(Color)                              (B/W)



CED 214 + NGC7822       CED 214 + NGC7822 

Nebulae Halpha               in [SII], Ha and 

                                            [OIII] (FSQ/IMG6303)



CED214, NGC7822,            CED214, NGC7822,

Sh2-170 in Halpha from    Sh2-170 in [SII]. Ha and

150mm f/2.8 Takumar      [OIII] from 150mm f/2.8  

medium format lens and   Takumar medium format 

CM10XME                              lens and CM10XME 



CED214 and NGC7822       CED214 and NGC7822

in Halpha from Epsilon      in [SII], Halpha and [OIII]

180ED and IMG6303           from Epsilon 180ED and




CED 214 region widefield    CED214 region widefield

in Halpha from Pentax          in [SII], Ha and [OIII]

6x7 300mm EDIF lens           from Pentax 6x7 300mm

and FLI PL39000M                 EDIF lens and PL39000M



Cygnus, Cepheus,               Cygnus Widefield

Cassiopeia widefield           in Halpha

in Halpha


Gamma Cygni in

RGB from Pentax

300mm f/4 and 

FLI Proline PL39000C




Cygnus region in                   DWB 111 Propeller

Halpha from 75mm                nebula from

Pentax 6x7 lens and              Stinger 450, Proline 9000

IMG6303E with PDF               and Baader Halpha



DWB 111 Propeller 

nebula widefield from

Pentax 6x7 400mm f/4

and IMG\6303E with

custom scientific 4.5nm




Gum1 Nebula Region             Gum1 Emission Nebula

Widefield Ha made                  in Halpha from AP180EDT

with Pentax 150mm                and FLI IMG6303E

Camera lens (Medium Format)


Gum1 Emission Nebula

in Halpha from Stinger 450

Classical Cassegrain and

IMG1024S Dream Machine




Gum1 Emission Nebula        Herbig-Haro 34

Ha and [SII] Light                     in [SII], Ha and [OIII] light



Herbig-Haro 222                    Herbig-Haro 222

In Halpha from Stinger        region in Halpha 

450 Classical Cassegrain   from AP155EDF f/7

and IMG1024S Dream          and FLI ML4022




Herbig-Haro 555                     Herbig-Haro 555

in Halpha from                        in [SII], Ha and [OIII]

Stinger 450                              from Stinger 450



Herbig-Haro 555                    IC405 Emission Nebula 

(elephant's trunk)                  in [SII], Ha, [OIII] light 

in [SII], Ha and [OIII] light



IC405 (aim2) in Halpha from    IC405 in Halpha from

Stinger 450 Classical               Stinger 450 Classical
Cassegrain and IMG                Cassegrain and IMG

1024S Dream Machine            1024S Dream Machine

with Dichroic Beam Splitter   with Dichroic Beam Splitter






IC405-IC410 region                 IC410 region widefield

widefield in Ha light              in Ha light (pentax 150mm)

from CM10XME and

Pentax 150mm f/2,8



IC405 - IC410 region                 IC410 Emission Nebula

widefield in [SII], Ha                  in Halpha from AP180EDT

and [OIII] from CM10XME        and IMG6303E

and Pentax 150mm f/2.8



IC410 in Halpha                IC410 Emission Nebula 

from Stinger 450              in [SII], Halpha and  

and IMG1024S                  [OIII] from AP180EDT  

Dream Machine                and IMG6303  



IC410 "Tadpoles"

in Halpha from Stinger

450 Classical Cassegrain

and IMG1024S Dream

Machine with DBS




IC410 "Tadpoles"                      IC410 "Tadpoles"

in Halpha and [OIII] from          in [SII], Ha and [OIII] from 

Stinger 450 Classical               Stinger 450 Classical 

Cassegrain and IMG1024S     Cassegrain and IMG1024S

Dream Machine with DBS       Dream Machine with DBS






IC417 Emission Nebula in     IC434 / B33 Horsehead

Halpha from Stinger 450        Nebula in Halpha and [SII]

Classical Cassegrain              from AP180EDT and

and IMG1024S Dream             FLI IMG6303E





IC434/B33 Horsehead            IC434/B33 Horsehead

nebula in Halpha                     nebula in Halpha and 

from Stinger 450                      [SII] from Stinger 450

CM10 and Baader                   CM10 and Baader 

Planetarium filters                  Planetarium filters





IC434/B33 Horsehead           IC434/Horsehead 

and Flame Nebulae                and Flame Nebula

in Halpha from AP155EDF   in RGB +Ha from

f/7 and FLI ML8300                 Pentax 400mm EDIF

                                                    and FLI ML8300




Flame and Horsehead  Flame and Horsehead

Nebula Ha+RGB             Nebula [SII], Ha, NIR





IC434/B33 Horsehead   IC434/B33 Horsehead

Nebula LRGB                  Nebula B/W



IC434/B33 Horsehead   IC434/B33 Horsehead

Nebula                               Nebula (color)

(Cust Sci Halpha)




IC443 Supernova                  IC443 Supernova 

remnant in Halpha                Remnant in Halpha

from AP180EDT                    Light (6303/AP180)

and IMG6303E





IC443, IC444, Cr89,           IC443, IC444, Cr89,

M35, NGC2158,                  M35, NGC2158, 

NGC2168, Sh2-247           NGC2168, Sh2-247   

widefield region                widefield region

in Ha light (Pentax lens)  in [SII],Ha, and [OIII] 

                                               light (Pentax lens)



IC1274, IC1275, IC4675,        IC1274 region

NGC6559 from AP180EDT   from AP180EDT

f/9 with Proline 39K                and Proline 39K




IC1318 Emission           IC1318 Region

Nebula (Halpha)            Halpha



IC1318 Region            IC1318 Region in

in Color                         [SII], [NII], Ha




IC1318 + NGC6888    IC1318 Widefield

region in [SII], Ha       in Hydrogen Alpha

and [OIII] Light



IC1318 and Crescent

Nebula region in Halpha



IC1318 Widefield       Cygnus "bubble"

in Halpha from           in Halpha from 

Pentax 150 and         Stinger 450 and

IMG6303E                   Proline 9K and 

                                      Baader Halpha

IC1396 in [SII], Ha and

[OIII] from AP155EDF f/7

and FLI ML8300



IC1396 Nebula in     IC1396 in [SII], Ha

[SII], Ha, [OIII] light   and [OIII] light (ST10XME)



IC1396 Mosaic              IC1396 Mosaic

FSQ106/IMG6303E      [S2], Ha, [OIII]



IC1396 in Halpha               IC1396 in [SII], Halpha

from Epsilon 180ED         and [OIII] from Epsilon

and IMG6303E                   180ED and IMG6303E



IC1396 Nebula Widefield        IC1396 Halpha

in [SII], Ha and [OIII] light        widefield from 

                                                      150mm lens



IC1396 widefield in        IC1396 widefield in

Halpha from Pentax      [SII], Ha and [OIII]

150 and IMG6303E         from Pentax 150mm and




IC1396 Widefield                 IC1396 Widefield

from Pentax 400mm           from Pentax 400mm

FLI Proline9000 with          FLI Proline9000 with

Baader Ha and FLI             Baader Ha filter

[OIII] and [SII] filters




IC1396 Widefield              IC1795 in Halpha

in [SII], Ha and [OIII]         from AP180EDT f/9

from 150mm lens             FLI IMG6303E and Baader

                                             Halpha filter


IC1795 LRGB                  IC1795  

                                           (Emission line filters)




IC1795 color           IC1795 in [SII], Ha and [OIII]   

Ha and OIII filters   from AP180/IMG6303


IC1795 in [SII]

Ha and [OIII] from

AP155EDF f/7 and 

FLI PL3200 with

Custom Scientific



IC1805 Widefield       IC1805 in [SII], Halpha

[SII], Ha, [OIII] filters  and [OIII] from Epsilon

                                      180ED and IMG6303E



IC1805 in Halpha

from Epsilon 180ED

and IMG6303E




IC1805                      IC1805 widefield

                                   [SII], Ha, [OIII] from





IC1805 detail from     IC1805, IC1848, IC1795

RDC18 Cassegrain   widefield region in Halpha

and IMG6303E            and [OIII]

Halpha shot


IC1805/IC1848 region

in Halpha from 

300mm lens and




IC1805, IC1848, IC1795

widefield region in [SII],

Halpha and [OIII] from 200mm

camera lens and IMG6303



IC1805, IC1848, IC1795 

region in S2, Ha and O3

from Pentax 6x7

300mm EDIF and 

FLI PL30000M



IC1805, IC1848 region widefield

in halpha from 6x7 SMC Pentax

75mm lens and IMG6303E with

FLI PDF Focuser




IC1848 Widefield                  IC1848

[SII], Ha and [OIII]                  in Halpha from

from FSQ106/IMG6303E     Epsilon 180ED 

                                                  and IMG6303E


in [SII], Halpha and

[OIII] from Epsilon 180ED

and IMG6303E





 IC2162 Emission    IC2162 (H Alpha) 

Nebula (HaGB)




 IC5068 Emission         IC5068 Color             

  Nebula (H alpha)   


IC5070 Pelican             IC5070 Pelican       

Nebula (H alpha)         Nebula (color)




IC5070 Pelican      IC5070 Pelican

Neck Detail            Nebula in  

                                  [SII], Ha and [OIII]

                                  Light (ST10XME)





IC5146 Cocoon           IC5146 Cocoon

Nebula (Ha)                 Nebula in Ha (18" cass)   






IC5146 Cocoon nebula     IC5146 Cocoon Nebula

in Ha and [SII] from            widefield in Halpha

AP180EDT f/9 and             from Epsilon 180ED

FLI CM2-1 Camera            and IMG6303E


Lynds Group 11         Lynds Group 11 

+ Bubble Area              including Sharpless 2-157

area in [SII],                   in Ha light                 

Ha and [OIII] light



Lynds Group 11,            M1 Crab Nebula

including Sh2-157 in     in [SII], Ha, [OIII]

[SII], Ha and [OIII] light  light from 45cm

                                           f/12.6 classical 




M1 Crab Nebula                 M1 Crab Nebula (pal m)

from Stinger 450                From Stinger 450

Classical Cassegrain       Classical Cassegrain

and FLI CM10 Maxcam    and CM10 Maxcam



M1 Crab Nebula                 M1 Crab Nebula (pal FLIR2)

in Halpha from Baader    From Stinger 450 

7nm Halpha filter               Classical Cassegrain

from Stinger Cassegrain  and CM10 Maxcam

and CM10 Maxcam



M1 Crab Nebula           M1 Crab Nebula

Unfiltered from             in Halpha from 

Stinger 450 and           Stinger 450 and

CM10 Maxcam             CM10 Maxcam




 M1 Crab Nebula          M1 Crab Nebula

 in halpha  from            Ha, [OIII], [SII]

450mm f/12.6 

classical cassegrain

and IMG6303E




M1 Crab Nebula        Crab Nebula 

[SII], Ha and [OIII]      Morphing Animation using

                                      Chandra and Amateur

                                      Emission Line Images





M1 Crab Nebula           M1 Crab Nebula

Ha [NII] [NII]                   [SII] [NII] Ha



M1 Crab Nebula           M1 Crab Nebula

                                         (FLI/C14 Image)


M1 Crab Nebula                 M1 Crab in [SII]

RGB from Stinger450       Halpha and [OIII]

Cassegrain and                 from Stinger 450

IMG6303E                            and CM10



M1 Crab Nebula            M1 Crab Nebula

in [NII] and Ha                 in [NII], Ha and [OIII]

from Stinger 450            from Stinger 450 

classical cassegrain     classical cassegrain

and CM10 Maxcam      and CM10 Maxcam


M1 Crab nebula

in [SII], Ha and [OIII]

from Stinger 450 

Classical cassegrain

and CM10 with 

Baader Emission

Line filters


M1 Crab Nebula unfiltered

from Stinger 450

and ML4022 


M8 Lagoon                    M8 Lagoon

Nebula (Ha)                   Nebula 




M8 Lagoon               M8 Lagoon

Nebula Hourglass  Nebula Hourglass

Region in Halpha   Region in Emission lines



M8/M20 region in Ha       M8 Lagoon Nebula

First light IMG6303E       In Halpha (IMG6303)




M8/M20 Region in          M8/M20 Region in

Halpha from Epsilon     Halpha and [OIII]

180ED and IMG6303E  from Epsilon 180ED

                                           and IMG6303E



M8 Widefield                   M8 / M20 Widefield

In [SII], Ha and [OIII]      region in RGB from

from AP180EDT and    Pentax SMC 300mm f/4 

IOMG6303E                     6x7 lens and IMG6303E



M8 / M20 Widefield         M8 / M20 / IC1274 region

region in RGB from       widefield Halpha from

AP155EDF f/7 and         Pentax 6x7 400mm f/4

Proline PL39000C         and IMG6303E with

                                           Custom Scientific 4.5nm Ha filter



M16 "Star Queen"           M16 "Star Queen"

(Emission Line Filters)   (LRGB)




M16 in Halpha               M16 in Sulfur II

(ST7E)                             Ha and OIII



M16 in [SII], Halpha,        M16 from AP180EDT

and [OIII] from Stinger    f/9 and IMG6303E

450mm Cassegrain



M16 In Halpha             M16 in [SII], Ha and [OIII]

(FLI IMG1024S)           Emission lines (widefield)




M16 in [SII], Halpha    M16 widefield Ha

and [OIII] from              from AP180 and

RDC18 Cassegrain    IMG6303



M16 widefield              M16 Widefield

(Ha+R)GB from           [SII], Ha and [OIII]

AP180 + IMG6303       AP180EDT, CM10XME



M16 in Halpha                  M16 in Halpha from

from Stinger 450             Stinger 450 and

Classical Cassegrain    FLI IMG1024S

                                            Dream Machine



M16 in [SII], Ha and              M16 in Halpha

[OIII] from Stinger 450         from Stinger 450 Classical Cass

and FLI IMG1024S               and FLI IMG1024S Dream Machine

Dream Machine                   with Custom Scientific Filter



M16 in [SII], Halpha,            M16 in HaRGB

and [OIII] from Stinger        from AP180EDT F9

450 Classical Cass             and FLI PL9000

and FLI Dream Machine    with Baader HaRGB

and Custom Sci                   Filters

Emission Line filters



M17 Widefield from      M17 in S2/Ha/O3

AP155EDF and FLI      from AP155EDF f/7

Proline PL39KM           and PL3200



M17 in emission           M17 in S2, Ha, and O3

line filters                       emission line filters


M17 widefield in           M17 in RGB

[SII], Ha and [OIII]         From AP180EDT F9

from AP180EDT and   and Proline 9000

IMG6303E                      using Baader RGB



M17 Widefield from

Pentax 300mm

EDIF 6x7 lens and 

FLI PL39000M



M16, M17, NGC6604,         M20 Widefield

Sh2-53 and B95                  in Halpha

widefield region in 

[SII], Ha and [OIII]




M20 Widefield in                 M20 region in RGB

Halpha, [OIII] and Blue      from AP180EDT and

                                                FLI PL39000C




M20 Trifid nebula       M24, M8, M20 Widefield

FLI image                     region in Ha, [OIII]

                                       and HeII



M24 Widefield             M24 RGB from

in Halpha from           AP155EDF f/7 and

Pentax 150mm           PL39000C with

and IMG6303E            Baader lum filter


M27 "Dumbbell"              M27 "Dumbbell"

(LRGB)                             (Emission Line Filters)




M27 Dumbbell                 M27 Dumbbell

Nebula LRGB                  Nebula Halpha




M27 Dumbbell                 M27 Dumbbell

Nebula Ha OIII, B            Nebula in Halpha and

                                            [OIII] from Stinger 450

                                            Classical Cassegrain   




M27 Dumbbell Nebula      M27 Dumbbell Nebula

in [NII], Ha, and [OIII]         In Halpha from Stinger

from Stinger 450                450 and FLI Dream Machine

Classical Cassegrain       with Cust Sci filters



M27 Dumbbell Nebula      M27 Dumbbell Nebula

in [SII], Ha and [OIII]           in Halpha, [OIII] and Helium II

from Stinger 450                 from AP180EDT f/9 and

and FLI Dream Machine   FLI ML4022 with Cust Sci

with Cust Sci Filters          filters


M42 in [SII], Ha and [OIII]

from AP180EDT f/9

and FLI ML4022 with

Cust Sci filters


M42/M43 "Orion"            M42/M43 "Orion"

(FSQ106)                         (AP155)





M42 Orion Nebulan      M42 Orion Nebula

LRGB                               in [SII], Halpha and

                                          [OIII] from Epsilon 

                                          180ED and IMG6303E



M42 Trapezium         M42 Trapezium Region  

Region                        H-alpha narrowband




M42 (Color)                M42 narrowband        



M42 Trapezium             M42 widefield in

region in [SII] light        Near IR, [SII] and 




M42 widefield in           M42 closeup in [SII],

[SII], Ha and [OIII]         Halpha and [OIII] from

from AP180EDT and   Stinger 450 and FLI

FLI IMG6303E               CM10        



M42 RGB from                M42 RGB from AP155EDF

AP180EDT f/9 and         f/7 and Proline 39K color

Proline 39K color


M42 in [SII], Ha and

[OIII] from AP155EDF

and PL3200 with Custom

Scientific Filters


M45 Pleiades in 

Blue light from 

6x7 Pentax 400MM 

ED(IF) f/4 lens and 





M45 "Pleiades"         M57 "Ring" Nebula



M57 RGB from

Stinger 450 mm 

cassegrain and ML4022



M57 Ring Nebula in      M57 Ring Nebula

Halpha from Stinger    in Ha, [OIII] and Helium II

450mm Cassegrain     from Stinger 450 Cassegrain



M57 Ring Nebula                   M76 Little Dumbbell

In Ha, [OIII] and Helium II     in [SII], Halpha and 

with clear luminance            [OIII] from Stinger 450

Schillings/Crisp                     Classical Cassegrain and

collaboration                          CM10 Maxcam


M76 Little Dumbbell

Nebula unfiltered from

Stinger 450mm 

and FLI ML4022




M76 Little Dumbbell      M97 Owl Nebula

Nebula in Emission      in Halpha from   

Line Filters                      Mark I series 2

                                           classical cassegrain

                                           and IMG6303E



M97 Owl Nebula in          M97 Owl Nebula

Halpha and [OIII]              in Halpha and [OIII]

from Mark 1 series 2       from Stinger 450 

450mm f/12.6                    FLI CM10 and Baader

classical cassegrain      emission line filters

and IMG6303E



M97 Owl Nebula              M97 Owl Nebula

from AP180EDT f/9         in RGB from Stinger

and FLI PL3200 with      450mm f/12.6 classical

Optec RGB filters           cassegrain plus ML4022


Melotte 15 in Halpha

from Stinger 450 and 

IMG1024S Dream Machine




Milky Way widefield         Milky Way widefield

in Ha from 35mm              in HaRGB from 35mm

Lens and IMG6303E        Lens and IMG6303E



Milky Way in HaGB       Southern Milky Way

from Pentax 45mm f/4  in Halpha from Pentax

and FLI PL39KM            45mm f/4 and PL39KM


Milky Way Halpha



NGC281 Emission

Nebula in Ha and [OIII]

AP180 and CM10XME



NGC281 Emission Nebula     NGC281 Emission nebula

in [SII], Ha and [OIII] from       in Halpha from AP180EDT

AP180EDT and CM10XME    and IMG6303 


NGC281 Emission Nebula

in [SII], Ha and [OIII] from 

AP180EDT and IMG6303




NGC281 Emission              NGC1499 California

Nebula (Ha and O3)            Nebula in Ha, [SII]



NGC1499 California               NGC1499 California

Nebula in Ha, [SII] and Hb    Nebula in Halpha from

                                                    FLI CM10XME and 

                                                    Pentax 200mm f/4 lens



NGC1999 Nebular                     NGC1999 Nebula

region with HH34 and              region with HH1, HH2, 

HH222 in Halpha                       HH34 and HH222 in

                                                      [SII], Ha and [OIII]




NGC2174 Emission nebula   NGC2174 Emission Nebula

in Halpha from AP180EDT    in [SII], Halpha and [OIII] from

and FLI IMG6303E                   AP180EDT and IMG6303E



NGC2174 in [SII], Ha and

[OIII] from AP155EDF f/7 

and FLI ML4022





NGC2244 Rosette Core area

in Halpha from Stinger

450 and FLI IMG1024S

Dream Machine with DBS



NGC2244 Rosette Nebula         NGC2244 Rosette Nebula

in Halpha from AP155EDF        in Ha and [OIII] from AP155EDF

and Proline 39000M                    and Proline 39000M




NGC2244 Rosette Nebula     NGC2244 Rosette Nebula

in Astrodon [SII], Ha and       Widefield in Ha, [OIII] and

[OIII]                                            [SII]




NGC2244 Rosette Nebula      NGC2244 Rosette Nebula

In HaRGB from Pentax           in Ha and [OIII] from Pentax

300mm f/4 Lens and                6x7  400mm f/4 and FLI ML8300




 NGC2244 Rosette             NGC2244 Rosette 

Nebula in [SII], Ha, [OIII]    Nebula in [SII], Ha and [OIII] 

light                                        Light (high resolution)




NGC2244 Rosette                NGC2261 Hubble's

Nebula compared to           Variable Nebula in Ha 

CFHT's Image                       light




NGC2261 Hubble's             NGC2264 Cone Nebula

Variable Nebula in              in Halpha from 300mm f/4

RGB                                       camera lens and IMG6303E

                                                with Custom Scientific filter





NGC2264 Cone Nebula     NGC2264 Cone Nebula

in Ha/[NII]light                      in [SII], [NII] and Ha Light      





NGC2264 Christmas Tree     NGC2264 Cone and Foxfur

Cluster in Ha and [SII] light   Region widefield Ha taken with

                                                     Pentax 150mm medium format

                                                     camera lens



NGC2264 Cone and               NGC2359 Thor's Helmet

Foxfur Nebula Detail              in Halpha from Stinger 450

in Ha, [SII] and Blue               Classical Cassegrain and FLI

Light                                          IMG1024S Dream Machine



   NGC2359 Thor's                 NGC2359 Thor's

   Helmet Nebula (Ha only)  Helmet [SII], Ha, [OIII]



NGC2359 Thor's Helmet     NGC2359 Thor's Helmet

widefield in Halpha              Widefield in [SII], Ha and 




NGC2392 Eskimo Nebula    NGC2467 Nebulous

from 18" Cassegrain             Cluster in Halpha

                                                    from Mark I series II

                                                    450mm f/12.6 Classical

                                                    Cassegrain and IMG6303E


NGC6334 / NGC6357

in [SII], Ha and [OIII]

from Pentax 400mm F/4

and FLI PL9000 with

Baader Ha and FLI

[SII] and [OIII] filters




NGC6543 Cat's Eye               

Nebula in [OIII] from               

18" Cassegrain        


NGC6590 from

AP180EDT f/9

and FLI PL39000C               



NGC6820 in Halpha

from Stinger 450

and CM10




NGC6820 Emission          NGC6820 Emission

Nebula Ha                           Nebula [SII], Ha

(ST10XME image)             and [OIII]


NGC6820 Widefield

Nebula in [SII], Ha and 

[OIII] from AP180EDT 

and IMG6303E






NGC6820 Emission        NGC6820 Emission 

Nebula (Ha only)             Nebula 



NGC6888 Crescent        NGC6888 Crescent

Nebula in S2/Ha/O3        nebula in Halpha 

from AP180EDT f/9         from Stinger 450 

and FLI PL3200 with      classical cassegrain

Custom Scientific           FLI Proline 9000

Emission Line filters      and Baader Halpha Filter




NGC6888 Crescent          NGC6888 Crescent

Nebula (Ha, O3, S2)          Nebula (AP180EDT)

                                               In Ha Light


NGC6888 Crescent Nebula in various combinations of

[SII], [NII], Ha and [OIII] filters from AP180EDT f/9 with FLI

ML4022 camera using Custom Scientific 3nm FWHM

AR-coated 50mm round filters




NGC6914 from                    Veil 52 Cygni region    

AP180EDT f/9                      in RGB from AP155EDF f/7

FLI PL39000C                     and FI PL39000C



Veil nebula from                  Veil nebula from

Epsilon 180ED                    Epsilon 180ED

and IMG6303E                    and IMG6303E

in Halpha, [OIII]                   in Halpha

and [SII] (test shot)



Veil Nebula in Ha            Veil Nebula in Ha

[OIII] and [SII] from         [OIII] and [SII] from

Epsilon 180ED and       Epsilon 180ED and

IMG6303E                        IMG6303E



NGC6974 Veil                 NGC6992 Network

Nebula                              Nebula (Veil Nebula part)




NGC6995/6992 Veil                 NGC6995/6992 Veil

nebula in Halpha from           nebula in Halpha from 

AP180EDT f/9 and                  AP155EDF f/7 and 

FLI PL9000 with Baaderv     FLI Proline16803 with

Halpha filter                             FLI 8nm Halpha filter


NGC6992 Network      NGC6992 Network

Nebula                            Nebula in Ha, O3, S2

in Ha, OIII, and Hb




Pickering's Triangle      Veil Nebula region south of

in Veil Nebula in             Pickering's Triangle in

Ha, O3, S2                        Ha, O3, S2



NGC6960 "Witch's       Veil Nebula widefield

Broom" part of Veil      in Ha, [OIII], [SII] light




Pickering's Triangle    Pickering's Triangle

In Veil Nebula in           widefield from

Ha, [OIII], [SII]                 Epsilon 180ED

(Starfire 180EDT)          and IMG6303E


Veil region widefield in Ha

first light IMG6303E


Veil region widefield

in Ha, [OIII] and [SII]

from Pentax 300mm

f/4 lens, IMG6303E and

Baader filters


NGC6914 Region

in Halpha from Epsilon

180ED and IMG6303E





NGC7000 widefield          NGC7000 widefield 

from Pentax 300mm        from Pentax 300mm

EDIF and PL39000M        EDIF and PL39000M

and FLI Halpha                 and FLI Ha and O3 filters



NGC7000 widefield

from Pentax 300mm

EDIF and PL39000M

and FLI S2, Ha & O3 filters



NGC7000 in Halpha      NGC7000 and Pelican

from Epsilon 180ED     Nebulae mosaic in Halpha

and IMG6303E               from Epsilon 180ED and




NGC7000 area in          NGC7000 Gulf region

[SII], Halpha and [OIII]  in Halpha from AP155EDF

from Epsilon 180ED     and PL16803 and FLI Halpha

and IMG6303                  filter



NGC7000 Gulf            NGC7000 and Pelican

Region in Ha              Nebulae widefield in 

and OIII                        [SII], Ha and [OIII] light


NGC7000 + IC5070 + IC5068 

widefield area in [SII], Ha and [OIII]

light with two color palettes



NGC7000 + Pelican          NGC7000 + Pelican

widefield in Halpha          Widefield in [SII], Halpha

First light of IMG6303E   and [OIII] light: FSQ/IMG6303E 

                                              combo first light



NGC7000 + Pelican            NGC7000 + Pelican

widefield in Halpha            Widefield in Ha and [OIII]

from 150mm lens               from 150mm lens and

and CM10XME                    CM10XME



NGC7000 + Pelican           NGC7000 + Pelican

Widefield in [SII], Ha          Widefield in Halpha

and [OIII] from 150mm      from CM2 and 200mm

lens and CM10XME          lens (first light)




NGC7000 + Pelican             NGC7000 in S2/Ha/O3

Widefield in [SII], Ha and   from AP155EDF f/7

[OIII] from Pentax 300mm  and FLI PL16803 and

f/4 and IMG6303E with        FLI S2/Ha/O3 filters

Baader Filters




NGC7000 Great             NGC7023 Reflection

Rift Area in                     Nebula in Cepheus    

[SII], Ha and [OIII]




NGC7023 RGB from      NGC7023 RGB

AP180EDT F/9 and        from Stinger 450

PL39000C                        and ML4022 



NGC7023 from 

18" classical cassegrain

and CM10 Maxcam




NGC7293 Helix          NGC7293 Helix

Nebula (B/W)              Nebula (color)




NGC7293 Helix                 NGC7293 Helix

Nebula widefield in [NII],  Nebula widefield

[OIII] and Blue light          in Ha and [OIII] light


NGC7293 Helix Nebula

in Halpha, [OIII] and 

Helium II from AP180EDT 

f/9 and FLI ML4022

with Custom Sci 

emission line filters




NGC7380 Emission              NGC7380 Widefield

Nebula in Cepheus              in Halpha




NGC7380 Emission                NGC7380 Halpha

Nebula in Cepheus                Widefield from

(Ha & [OIII])                               AP180EDT and IMG6303E



NGC7380 from Pentax            NGC7380 from

400mm f/4 Proline 3200          AP155EDF f/7

and Cust Sci 4.5nm                 and PL39000C

Halpha filter




NGC7380 Emission                 NGC7380 Emission

Nebula from AP180EDT f/9    Nebula from AP180EDT f/9

and FLI CM2-1 Camera           and FLI Cm2-1 Camera

in Hydrogen Alpha                   in [SII], Ha and [OIII]



NGC7380 Emission                 NGC7380 in [SII], Ha

Nebula from AP180EDT         and [OIII] from Epsilon

f/6.75 and FLI CM10XME        180ED and IMG6303E

camera in [SII], Ha and [OIII]



NGC7380 in Halpha                NGC7380 Widefield

from Epsilon 180ED               region from Pentax

and IMG6303E                         150mm lens and FLI

                                                    IMG6303E in [SII], Ha

                                                    and [OIII]



NGC7538 Emission              NGC7538 Emission

Nebula in Halpha from        nebula in [SII], Halpha

Stinger 450 Cassegrain      and [OIII] from Stinger

and CM10 Maxcam              450 Cassegrain


NGC7635 Bubble 

nebula and M52

open cluster from 

AP180EDT f/9

and FLI PL39000C


NGC7635 "Bubble"         NGC7635 "Bubble"

Nebula (widefield)            Nebula




NGC7635                         NGC7635   

Bubble Nebula               Bubble Nebula  

Hydrogen Alpha            Hydrogen Alpha




NGC7635                         NGC7635

Emission                         Halpha

Line Filters                     Dichroic Beam Splitter




NGC7635, SH2-157,             NGC7635 Bubble

MRK50, M52, NGC7538       nebula in [SII]

area in Ha                               Ha and [OIII]







NGC7635 Bubble              NGC7635 Bubble

Nebula in Halpha              Nebula in Red filter            

from 18" Cassegrain       from 18" Cassegrain



NGC7635 Bubble            NGC7635 Bubble

Nebula in Halpha            Nebula in LRGB          

from 18" Cassegrain     From 18" Cassegrain

foggy but great seeing     



NGC7635 Bubble               NGC7635 Bubble

Nebula in [SII], Ha              Nebula in Ha from

and [OIII] from                     Stinger 450 mm 

AP180EDT f/9 and             f/7.3 and ML4022

FLI ML4022                         and Cust Sci Filter




NGC7635 Bubble           NGC7635 Bubble

Nebula in Ha and           Nebula in Halpha

[OIII] from AP180EDT    from Stinger 450

and IMG6303E                classical cassegrain




NGC7635 Bubble         NGC7635 Bubble

Nebula in Ha and         Nebula in [SII], 

[OIII] from Stinger        Halpha and [OIII]

450 Classical                from Stinger 450 

Cassegrain                   Classical Cassegrain



NGC7635 Bubble       Orion Widefield

Nebula in Halpha       in Halpha from 

from Stinger 450        Pentax 35mm fisheye

and IMG6303E            and IMG6303 with

                                       Baader Halpha


PK104-29.1 Jones 1

planetary nebula in

Halpha and [OIII]

from Stinger 450





Jones-Emberson 1

Planetary Nebula in

[OIII], Ha and [NII] light


PK164+31.1 from 

Stinger 450 and





PK164+31.1                    Sagittarius Region

Jones-Emberson 1       Halpha Widefield

Planetary Nebula           From M24 to

LRGB + [NII] Ha [OIII]    NGC6334



Sharpless 2-27              Sharpless 2-54

Emission Nebula          in Halpha from 

in Halpha Light             Stinger 450 cassegrain 

                                          and CM10



Sharpless 2-54 in        Sharpless 2-54 in

Halpha from Stinger   [SII], Halpha and [OIII]

450 cassegrain and    from Stinger 450 and

FLI Dream Machine    FLI Dream Machine




Sharpless 2-101            Sharpless 2-101

Emission Nebula          in Halpha from 

in [SII], Ha and [OIII]     Stinger 450 Classical Cassegrain

Light                                PL9000 and Baader Halpha filter




Sharpless 2-101 in            Sharpess 2-101 in

Halpha from AP180EDT  [SII], Halpha and [OIII]

f/9 and FLI ML4022           from AP180EDT f/9 and 

and Custom Scientific     FLI ML8300 with Custom

3nm Halpha filter               Scientific emission line filters


Sharpless 2-112               Sharpless 2-112

Emission Nebula             Emission Nebula in 

in Halpha from                  [SII] Ha and [OIII]

AP180EDT and                 from AP180EDT

IMG6303E                          and IMG6303E



Sharpless 2-112                Sharpless 2-112

in Halpha from Stinger    in Halpha from Stinger

450 and FLI IMG1024S    450 and FLI PL9000

Dream Machine                with Baader Halpha filter



Sharpless 2-112 

in Halpha from Stinger 

450 and FLI ML4022

with Custom Scientific

Halpha filter



Sharpless 2-119              Sharpless 2-129

in Halpha from                 in Halpha from

SMC Pentax 300mm       6x7 SMC Pentax

f/4 6x7 camera lens,       200mm f/4 lens 

FLI IMG6303 and             and FLI CM10 with

Baader Halpha                Baader Halpha




Sharpless 2-129      Sharpless 2-129 

& vdB140                  & vdB140

(Schuler Ha)             (color)


SH2-129 widefield

region in [SII], Ha

and [OIII] from Pentax

150mm lens and 


with Baader Filters



Sharpless 2-129         Sharpless 2-155 in

widefield in Halpha   Halpha from AP180

from 150mm lens      and FLI IMG6303

and CM10XME


Sharpless 2-155 region

widefield in [SII], Ha

and [OIII] from Pentax

150mm lens and 


with Baader filters



Sharpless 2-155          Sharpless 2-155

Cave Nebula                Cave Nebula

in Hydrogen Alpha     widefield in Halpha





Sharpless 2-155          Sharpless 2-170

Cave Nebula                in Halpha from 

widefield in Halpha    AP180EDT f/9

                                        FLI IMG6303E and

                                        Custom Scientific Halpha


SH2-170 in 

[SII], Halpha and [OIII]

from AP155EDF f/7 and

FLI PL3200ME with

Custom Scientific 





Sharpless 2-196          

Nebula  in Halpha    





Sharpless2-240              Sharpless 2-240 from

Supernova remnant      300mm f/4 lens and 

widefield in Halpha        halpha filter with IMG6303E

                                            under full moon


Sharpless 2-240 from

300mm f/4 lens and

Halpha filter with IMG6303E

under no moon



vdB 142                  vdB 142 Dark Nebula          

Dark Nebula           in [SII], Ha and [OIII]      

Halpha                     light (AP180EDT image)  



vdB 142 Dark Nebula   vdB 142 Dark Nebula

Closeup in [SII], Ha       closeup in Halpha

and [OIII] Light                from Stinger 450

(ST10XME) image          classical cassegrain



vdB142 Dark Nebula   vdB142 Dark Nebula

in Halpha from              in [SII], Halpha and 

Stinger 450                    [OIII] from Stinger 450

Classical Cassegrain  Classical cassegrain

                                          and FLI CM10 Maxcam



vdB 142 Dark Nebula        vdb142 in [SII], Ha and [OIII]

with adjacent Proplyds     from AP180EDT f/9 and

in Halpha from Stinger      FLI ML4022 with Baader

450 Cassegrain and           Ha and FLI [OIII] and [SII] filters

FLI IMG1024S Dream




Spectra of

various nebulae

and supernovae