M31 (core)            M31 (IMG1024S)




M31 Halpha              M31 LRGB

150mm lens             ST10XME




M31 Color               M31 in Halpha from 

(IMG1024S)            FSQ106 and IMG6303E

                                 with Baader Halpha filter


M31 in Halpha + RGB

from FSQ106 +


with Baader Halpha

and Optec IR-Blocking RGB



M31 in three different 

palettes: RGB, HaGB

and Ha+RGB from FSQ

and IMG6303 with

Baader Ha and Optec

IR-Blocking RGB filters


M31 RGB from 300mm

Pentax f/4 medium format

lens and IMG6303E with




M31 RGB from                       M31 LRGB from

AP155EDF f/7                        AP155EDF f/7

and PL39000C                      and PL39C and

and Baader lum filter           PL16803




M33 Nebulae                           M33  

in Halpha, [SII] and                (IMG1024S)

[OIII] from Epsilon 180ED

and IMG6303E



M33 core in Halpha               M33 Widefield in RGB

from Stinger 450                    from Pentax 400mm f/4

Classical Cassegrain           FLI IMG6303E and

and FLI IMG1024S                 Optec RGB filters

Dream Machine



M33 RGB from                      M33 LRGB from                    

AP155EDF f/7                       AP155EDF f/7

and PL39000C                     and PL39000C and

with Baader lum filter         PL16803


M33 LRGB from 

AP155EDF f/7 and

FLI ML8300 (luminance)

and FLI PL39000C (RGB)




 M33a                     M51 (AP155EDF)  M51 Whirlpool

                                                                  Galaxy (ST10XME)

M51 in LRGB from 

AP180EDT f/9 and

FLI PL3200 with 

Optec RGB filters




M51 from Stinger450            M51 from Stinger450

Cassegrain at f/7.3                Cassegrain at f/7.3

and FLI CM10                         and FLI CM10 (2x2 binned)


M51 from Stinger 450

Classical Cass and FLI

PL3200ME unfiltered



M51 from Stinger 450                  m51 from Stinger 450

Classical Cass and FLI               Classical Cass and FLI

Dream Machine unfiltered          IMG1024S Dream Machine

                                                          Unfiltered Luminance plus

                                                          Ha/[OIII] from Custom Sci 




M51 (LX200)         M51 (FLI)               M63 Sunflower

                                                                 Galaxy (FLI)      


Leo trio widefield

AP155, PL39KM  




M64 Black Eye     M65 & M66              M65, M66 and NGC3628

Galaxy                    Luminance Only   "Leo Trio" LRGB



M81 (TV101)        M81 (FSQ106)     M81 (AP155)       




M81/M82/               M81/ M82                         

NGC3077 Area     area (False Color)      


M81 / M82 widefield

from AP180 and





 M81 (FLI)              M81 (ST10XE)  

                                 LRGB +  Ha filter



M81 AP180EDT         M82 from Stinger

IMG6303E                   Classical Cassegrain

                                      in Halpha with New

                                      Baader Halpha filter

M82 from 18" classical
cassegrain and CM10



M83 RGB 





M82                           M82 (FLI)                              

NGC3077 Area      


Triband M82:

NIR, Vis, UV



M82 Ha, [OIII], [SII]   M82 LRGB





M86 Area in            M86 Area (ST10XE)                                       

Coma Berenices 


M86 area from AP180EDT

and Proline 39K color



M94 from 18"          M90 Luminance 





M100 Luminance      M101 LRGB

with SN2006X

from 18" Cassegrain


M101 Widefield from

AP155 EDF and

Proline PL39KM


M101 (Ha+R)GB from

IMG6303 & AP180EDT




 M101 (Red+NIR)   M106 Spiral Galaxy 

                                   in LRGB + Ha



M106 Spiral Galaxy    M106 Spiral Galaxy

from Stinger450          from AP180EDT f/9

Cassegrain and          and FLI ML4022





M108 Luminance    M109 Luminance

from 45cm                from 45cm 

Cassegrain               Cassegrain




M109 Luminance      M109 Blue Channel

                                      at 5760mm 


M109 unfiltered

from Stinger 450

and FLI PL3200


NGC253 unfiltered 

from AP180EDT f/9

and U8300





 NGC2403 LRGB               NGC2903 Spiral Galaxy

                                              unfiltered from Stinger 450

                                              FLI CM10



NGC2903 from                      NGC2903 from

Stinger 450 Classical          Stinger 450 Classical Cass

Cass and Proline 3200       and Proline 3200 

unfiltered                                unfiltered + RGB



NGC3628 unfiltered

from AP180EDT

f/9 and FLI PL3200




NGC3631 unfiltered           NGC3718 unfiltered

from Stinger 450                 from Stinger 450 

Classical Cass and            classical cass and

Proline 3200                         Proline 3200     


NGC3718 widefield

unfiltered from 

AP180EDT f/9

and FLI PL3200  


NGC3756 unfiltered

from Stinger 450

classical cass and 

proline 3200 



NGC3786 & NGC3788

& SN2004BD    


NGC3995 from Stinger

450 Classical Cass and

FLI PL3200 unfiltered



(the antenna)


 NGC4244          NGC4490          NGC4490 RGB



NGC4490 & NGC4485      NGC4490 & NGC4485

unfiltered from                   unfiltered from Stinger450

Stinger450 and                  and CM10 Maxcam

CM10 Maxcam


NGC4490 & NGC4485

unfiltered from Stinger

450 and FLI ML4022




NGC4490 LRGB        NGC4559 Luminance






 NGC4565          NGC4565            NGC4565

(RGB)                 (LRGB, st10)      (IMG1024S Camera)




NGC4656 unfiltered              NGC4656 

from Stinger450                     (LRGB)

and CM10 Maxcam


NGC4676 Mice

from Stinger 450

Classical Cass

and FLI CM10





NGC4725           NGC4725 Luminance 




NGC5033 Luminance

From AP180EDT

and CM10



 NGC5350, NGC5353

 NGC5354, NGC5355



NGC5371 LRGB     NGC5383                    NGC5504 + Neighbors         



NGC5907           NGC5985             

(FSQ106 /           Luminance                                         



NGC6946                   NGC6946

                                     (C14/FLI DM)



NGC6946 from                 NGC6946 LRGB

Stinger 450 Classical     Stinger/AP180EDT

Cassegrain and CM10   CM10/IMG6303E



NGC6946 RGB                  SN2004et inside

from AP180/IMG6303       NGC6946



NGC6946 Luminance     NGC7331 from

from AP180EDT and       Stinger 450 and 

CM10                                  CM10



NGC7331 unfiltered        NGC7331 RGB

from AP180EDT f/9         from Stinger 450

and U8300                        and ML4022


NGC7479 unfiltered

from Stinger 450 and

CM10 Maxcam



Stephan's Quintet        Stephan's Quintet RGB

from Stinger 450           from Stinger 450 

and CM10                       and FLI ML4022