A Gallery of Images from Epsilon 180ED and IMG6303E



IC1805 and IC1795  [SII], Halpha, [OIII]


IC1848  [SII], Halpha, [OIII]




Veil Nebula


M8 and M20 Region


M42 [SII], Halpha and [OIII]


CED214 and NGC7822


M33 Nebulae (Halpha, [SII] and [OIII] emission lines only)


CED214 and NGC7822 Halpha


IC1396 Halpha


M8 and M20 Region Halpha


IC1805 / IC1795 Halpha


NGC7000 Halpha


IC5146 Cocoon Nebula Halpha


NGC7000 and Pelican Nebulae Halpha


IC1848  Halpha

NGC6914 Region Halpha

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