Globular Star Clusters   


M10 RGB at 1215mm    M12 RGB at 1215mm


M13 in LRGB from          M13 RGB from 

AP180EDT f/9 and          AP180EDT f/9

FLI PL3200 with              and PL39000C

Optec RGB filters



M13 from Stinger

450 classical cassegrain

and ML4022



M13 at 2488mm FL         M13 at 3910mm FL


M13 FLI Camera              M53 RGB image




M53 RGB (st10)               M71 from Stinger 450

                                            classical cassegrain

                                            and FLI ML4022




M107 RGB from

IMG6303 and




Omega Centauri

from 37.4 Degrees North


Galaxy Clusters 



Abell 1656 Cluster in      Abell 1656 Cluster in

Coma Berenices             Coma Berenices








Abell 426 Galaxy           M86 area widefield

cluster in Perseus     




Markarian's Chain in Virgo

"Downtown Virgo"


Open Clusters


NGC206 open cluster

with nebulosity in